Policies and Instructions on Abstract Submissions

50th Annual Meeting
October 16-19, 2019
The Breakers
Palm Beach, FL

Accepting abstracts November 1, 2018 - March 25, 2019.

Policies Governing Accepted Submissions:

1. Scientific Program participation is open to all Orthopaedic Surgeons and Residents/Fellows.
2. Abstracts must be submitted online by March 25, 2019 to be eligible for review by the Program Committee.
3. Submission of a corrected abstract is not allowed after March 25, 2019.
4. An orthopaedic surgeon, resident and/or a member of EOA must be listed as one of the authors.
5. Once an abstract is accepted, additional authors cannot be added.
6. Acceptance and rejection letters and all future correspondence will be emailed to the Primary Author listed on the Abstract Submission Form. Notification of acceptance will be sent in June 2019 to the email address provided on the submission form. Failure to return Presenter Forms attached to the acceptance email, by the date listed, will result in the presentation being removed from the program.
7. Only one presenter per abstract will be accepted. Multiple presentations by the same person are only allowed for Rapid Fire Presentations.
8. Abstracts not accepted for a podium presentation may be accepted for an E-Poster presentation.
9. All co-authors must complete a disclosure form, or your presentation will be eliminated from the meeting.
10. The paper is to be original, unpublished work. (See Instruction #13 below.)
11. A copy of the manuscript will be requested for award consideration as determined by the Program Committee. (See Instruction #8 below.)
12. The primary author indicated on the abstract submission form must present the abstract at the meeting in order to receive a Resident Award.
13. The EOA reserves the right to withdraw a presentation at any time.

Instructions to complete abstract submissions:

(Please read all of the instructions below before completing the form at the bottom of this page.)
1. TITLE: Make the title brief (no more than 10 words) and clearly indicate the nature of the study/procedure. Please do not use similar titles for numerous submissions.
2. CONTENT: The abstract must include four parts: INTRODUCTION should clearly state the problem and the purpose of the study; METHODS should provide a description of what was actually done; RESULTS should contain the findings of the study; DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION should be based upon the findings and relate to the stated purpose of the study and existing knowledge. Provide specific details about your research/study. DO NOT list any author's name or institution in the abstract or manuscript. A two-year minimum follow-up per patient is required for all results for reconstructive procedures and new or modified techniques as they relate to diagnosis, surgery, complications or other phases of orthopaedic surgical problems.
3. LENGTH: Do not exceed space provided on abstract submission form. Provide as much information as space permits. Additional pages will not be accepted.
4. TYPE: The abstract should be typed on the form provided within space allotted (300 words max). Do not exceed space provided. Standard 12 pt. Times New Roman is required for all abstract submissions. Abstracts are to be single spaced. Use English only.
5. STYLE: Use title case for the entire title: DO NOT include company names, titles, appointments or addresses in the abstract. DO NOT use subtitles. Standard abbreviations may be used, when necessary. Do not cite references. Omit P values. No reference is to be made in your text as to authors, institutions, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, or specific manufacturers. Submit the form, completed in full. Please check your work prior to submission. The Eastern Orthopaedic Association is not responsible for proofreading or accuracy.
6. AUTHOR INFORMATION: Indicate your name, mailing address, email address, telephone numbers, degree, and the institution where the work was done. Also, include the name, mailing address, telephone number, email address and degrees of all co-author(s). Please notify EOA if any of this contact information changes.
7. DRUG NAMES: Nonproprietary (generic) names of drugs are required and should be written in lower case. Proprietary names are capitalized.
8. RESIDENT/FELLOW AWARDS: If your abstract has been identified by the Program Committee to be considered for an award, one (1) copy of your full manuscript (without charts or graphs) will be requested after all of the abstracts submitted are reviewed.
9. The primary author must present award papers or forfeit award money.
10. SUBMISSIONS: An Electronic Submission form is provided below for all submissions. The abstract submission deadline for EOA's 2019 Annual Meeting is March 25, 2019.
11. NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTANCE: The Program Committee will review Abstracts. You will be notified of acceptance by email in June 2019. The Eastern Orthopaedic Association reserves the right to withdraw a paper at any time.
12. REGISTRATION FEES: All presenters are required to register for the meeting and pay the registration fee. A registration fee does not apply to Resident/Fellow Award winners. The member/resident/fellow registration fee must be paid by all other presenters.
13. MANUSCRIPT: The paper is to be original, unpublished work. All authors must indicate the publication status of their paper. Papers that have been previously published are ineligible. Papers that have been submitted for publication, but will remain unpublished prior to the date of the annual meeting are eligible.If a paper is accepted but is subsequently found to have been published before the annual meeting, the Program Committee has the right to withdraw the paper.

Podium Presentation

Each Podium presentation will be approximately 4-6 minutes in length. Standard audiovisual equipment in the scientific session room includes an LCD projector and Windows Computer (not a Mac). Personal laptops cannot be used for presentations.

E-Poster Presentation

E-Poster presentations will be shown for the entire meeting (3 days). E-Poster presenters should plan to be at their poster during presentation times.

Abstract Grading Process

1. Abstracts will be read and graded in a blind fashion. Your text should not reveal the authors or institutions of origin.

2. Graders are orthopaedic surgeons and are members of the Program Committee. Each abstract is reviewed and graded by at least four graders and the final grade is then averaged.

3. Grade is influenced by: significance of the study, content and clarity, specific number of cases or specimen studies, clinical or research data to support its conclusions, minimum follow-up of 2 years per patient for results describing reconstructive procedures, and new or modified techniques as they relate to diagnosis, surgery, complications or other phases of orthopaedic surgical problems.

Resident/Fellow Awards

The EOA will recognize outstanding papers submitted and presented by residents and fellows with the Founders, Parvizi, Ranawat, Richmond, and Resident/Fellow Paper Awards and Resident/Fellow Travel Grants. Plus, the top two Resident Award Winners (Founders and Ranawat Awards) will present their papers at the 2020 AAOS Annual Meeting! See policies and instructions above for additional information on award papers.

Submit an abstract

Mandatory AAOS Financial Disclosure

For your paper to be considered, the Primary Author MUST submit a Financial Disclosure Statement. If the paper is accepted for presentation, all co-authors MUST submit their financial disclosure information two months prior to the meeting.

AAOS Financial Disclosure Statement

(AAOS Disclosure Program. Please follow the disclosure program prompts to look up your login, and if you don't have one, click the "Register" link to register as an Individual. You will not be charged a fee. Then you can submit your disclosure information.)